Thursday, May 12, 2011

Customer "Slightly Disappointed" With New TV, Seongsan Sues

A Korean shopper who bought the latest Seongsan LED TV online, then returned to give it a four-star review saying they were "slightly disappointed" with the design of the remote control, is being sued by the company.

Korea has strict rules protecting large businesses from their customers, and Seongsan says it was "emotionally distressed by the woman's outburst", which they considered "slanderous". Legal experts said the woman was foolish to attack the company. 56 year-old law professor Kim, from Seoul International University, pointed out that while Korean businesses are legally entitled to fail to live up to their responsibilities, it wasn't a two way street, and it was the customer's responsibility to enjoy the product. The professor, who sometimes advises the company on corporate law, added "If she wasn't going to enjoy it, why did she buy it?"

Some netizens have urged the woman to return to her review and amend it to five stars in the hope that Seongsan might drop its legal case, while others have urged her to amend it because "speaking ill of Korean products is very unpatriotic". However, recent attempts by Korea's largest companies to get the National Insecurity Law amended with the 'Retrospectively Unpatriotic Purchases Bill' have failed, as lawmakers are concerned that it may lead to legal precedents within Korea's troubled space program, which largely uses Russian technology.

The woman has said she's very sorry for any offense caused, but is unable to amend her review as her Internet access has been canceled due to network abuse, which she denies. Little-read left-wing newspaper, The Hankyoreh, which has regularly run articles attacking Seongsan ever since the massive chaebol withdrew advertising from the newspaper two years ago, predictably said it is taking up the woman's futile cause.

Citing "the deep hurt caused by this alleged Korean shopper", Seongsan refused to comment for this article, but said it "might sue" The Dokdo Times if we ran the story.

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