Monday, April 25, 2011

Collection of Political DNA Samplings Draws Protest

The government has denounced moves by prostitutes in Seoul to collect the DNA samples of politicians who have not maintained secret payments to them. The criticism came following the announcement that genetic material from six politicians had already been used to establish a DNA database to guarantee future financial support.

"By unnecessarily expanding their activities from the receipt of DNA to the keeping of it, they are treating politicians like murderers and rapists." complained one of the politicians. However, rather than deny the criticism the prostitutes have suggested that this may be appropriate, although they declined to elaborate further.

"They are trying to mar politicians with a stigma just because they are participating in a fight for their survival." said another elected representative, 61 year-old Kim, who asked us not to use his real name. "In politics, it is sometimes unavoidable to be involved with prostitutes and it should be viewed differently from paying for sex in other situations."

The move by the prostitutes follows the passing of a law last year allowing the creation of DNA databases for the first time. It was originally intended to enable the collection of DNA from trades union members and other dubious individuals who don't vote for the ruling Grand National Party, but now it appears to have backfired.

Researchers had been hoping to use the DNA in order to identify the common genetic abnormality which it is theorized leads to deviant behavior such as collective bargaining. However, doubts were raised over whether such acts were limited to unionized chaebol employees, given the constant factional horse-trading which takes place among politicians in the National Assembly.

Despite this, the research continued in the hope that once a common genetic abnormality was identified, it would be possible to create a gene-based vaccine for children that would ensure they grew up without fear of developing such cancerous socialist traits.

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