Monday, March 28, 2016

Ugly Foreigners

A video from a car's black box camera that went viral in Korea over the weekend showed an ugly Italian man stopping his car in the middle of the road, shaking his fist at the Korean female driver, and swearing like an Italian.

The man - whose family name is believed to be Vaffanculo - was outraged when the female driver honked at him as he cut into a line of traffic on the Olympic Expressway near the Seongsu Bridge around 3 p.m. Sunday. When police arrived they booked him for a sudden change of lanes, which despite what everyone believes, is actually against the law in Korea, even in Busan. The man is a currently a resident of Korea and prosecutors are recommending an indictment to ensure he won't remain one.

The Italian Consulate said that it notes the incident but requested that Koreans "please understand our unique culture".

In another case last week, an ugly Saudi Arabian - who is here for 'language training' - was suspected of repeatedly braking in front of another vehicle that he claims didn't yield the right of way. In a third case on another day, an ugly Taiwanese national started braking when the car behind him flashed its lights and honked at him while its driver was reading his phone messages. In a fourth case, an ugly American pulled his tank out in front of a Korean driver at a junction, claiming he needed to get to the front line as soon as possible. In a fifth case, an ugly English man called Mr. Hyde blocked a Korean rickshaw with his horse.

In each case these ugly foreigners claimed they didn't know what they were doing was a crime, even though the law has changed recently and it is now. Instead they claimed that everyone else on the roads was behaving in the same way. This is evidently not true because some other ugly foreigners are not doing this, especially the ones without cars.

Gangnam police said that "many" reported 'road rages' involved ugly foreigners, and while it is true that these five cases do not necessarily represent the ugly foreign community which has now alarmingly reached 1.8 million in Korea, it may. There is also evidence that innocent Korean drivers are being affected by these ugly foreigners - in 2013 1,600 cases of retaliatory driving were reported to the police, involving car chases, klaxons, beam lighting and verbal and visual abuse. 35 Koreans were killed during these incidents.

Police should personally speak to all ugly foreigners to remind them that the actions of the five ugly foreigners above will be presumed to represent them.

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