Friday, August 28, 2015

Typhoon Goni brings Dokdo Times record attempt to an end

Photo from the 'bomb drink' period
An attempt by Dokdo Times journalists to break the record for the longest after work evening out ended Tuesday as Typhoon Goni struck Dokdo, causing bars to close across Dokdo City. Journalists expressed disappointment at the premature ending of their record attempt, which began over two years ago as a drinking bet "during a normal night out".

At the beginning of August the editor of the Times had expressed confidence on entering the night out's third year – while claiming it was the eighth, or possibly the fifth. "Yes" he was reported as saying.

While journalists have been away from their desks, or what they remember as possibly being their desks, interns - who were not invited to the original evening out because they are interns, male and "not very pretty" - have been maintaining the Dokdo Times' website and the adjacent Korean Dokdo Museum Korea, the existence of which proves Korea's Dokdo is Korean.

The last two years have been very successful ones for the Dokdo Times, scooping three successive Korean National Journalism Awards for 2014-16, while financially reporting its two best years since 1670. "The journalism award for 2014 was groundbreaking" according to the Dokdo Times, which beat the Korea Times' semi-finalist entry "Disgusting see-through clothing trend requires further research" with a blank page. Despite allegations of plagiarism, the blank page entry submitted for 2015 was viewed as sufficiently different from the 2014 entry by judges from Korea's top universities to scoop the award again, and the Dokdo Times' 2016 entry "'Fabricated news' allegations hit Korean newspapers" was considered a stunning expose of one of Korea's leading newspapers - the Dokdo Times - although the newspaper could not be reached for comment on the article.

The ending of the Dokdo Times' record attempt now means that Daegu City government officials - with 6 years and 9 months to go - are best placed to beat the record for the longest after work evening out, having started their attempt a year earlier in 2012. However, doubts have been expressed about the validity of the record attempt after it was suggested that 'after work drinking' required actual work to have been done beforehand.

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