Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psy Admitted to Harvard

Korean rapper Psy was admitted to Harvard last week after being specially invited to attend the prestigious American Ivy League school. However, in a nod to the growing effectiveness of the Korean edutainment system, Psy will not be required to study under foreign professors but will instead move straight into teaching younger Harvard students the secret to achieving power and success.

Psy's course is already one of the most popular on campus, with over 1,000 students applying to attend his first lecture, forcing the university authorities to decide attendance using a system involving the casting of lots to reveal God's will. Then, in recognition of the fact that Jesus was Korean, and that Psy now has more followers than the Catholic Church, Psy was allowed to address students and faculty members in an ornate church dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in "World War I" fighting to secure the future of Korea's individualistic "I-generation" that would lead to Psy producing his massive hit.

During the sermon, Psy told his congregation about the promised land of South Korea, in which he said 'life is weird'.

The Vatican is believed to have lodged a protest at the use of the church, partly because they do not yet recognize Psy as a religious figure, but mostly – according to a spokesman who asked to remain anonymous – because "we wish we had his numbers". Followers of the Blues Brothers - earlier musicians also on a mission from God - denounced those attending as "heretics".

Psy is believed to have become one of the few native Koreans to enter Harvard without his family making a private donation beforehand.

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