Saturday, June 25, 2011

Korean Wave Causes Earthquakes in North Korea

It has been discovered that the Korean Wave - or The Hallyu as it is known - which has been sweeping the world like a big broom, is causing earthquakes in North Korea. While The Hallyu is perfectly safe and hugely popular around the world, performing the important role of cultural cleansing, it is thought that North Korea's proximity to the source of The Hallyu has caused seismic activity due to its Earth-shattering importance.

Previously, it was thought that North Korea would be impenetrable to the weapon, but The Wave has now been confirmed to be creeping into the nation. Recently, blurred photographs and shaky videos have been emerging from the isolated country which is now believed to be subject to near constant Hallyu-related tremors.

58 year-old Professor Kim, from Seoul International University's Institute for Peace and Unification Studies (PUS) has published a book on the phenomenon entitled "The Korean Wave is Shaking Up North Korea". Based on in-depth interviews with defectors from nine northern provinces, the research presented in the book suggests that up to 50 percent of defectors had sustained Hallyu-related injuries before they fled the country for the relative safety and discrimination of the South, adding that "North Korean citizens are admiring South Korea and the illusion of lives in it".

No hard data is available on the precise effects of The Hallyu in North Korea, but earlier this month a 4.1-magnitude earthquake hit Baeknyeoung Island in the West Sea, though it didn't cause any casualties or property damage according to the Korean Meteoroligical Administration (KMA). The quake was the latest and strongest in a series of 28 which have occurred this year in South Korea's northernmost island, which lies close to North Korea, but the government say there is no cause for concern as Hallyu's earth-shattering importance should cause limited damage to South Koreans.

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