Friday, December 3, 2010

New Tourism Slogan Is “Korea, Better Than You”

Following on from “Korea, Be Inspired”, “Dynamic Korea”, “Korea, Sparkling”, “Well-Being Dreamhub Korea”, “Korea, birthplace of Kim Yu-na”, and “Korea, Fighting!”, the Ministry of Tourism has announced its new slogan for ‘Visit Korea Year 2011-2013’. “Korea, Better Than You” was selected yesterday from short-list submitted and voted upon by members of the public.

“People were asked to consider the most essential aspect of Korean culture which could quickly be conveyed to a foreign audience.” said Minister of Culture, 49-year-old Kim. “I think making the slogan a public competition has delivered a wonderful result which is really going to intrigue people in other countries and make them want visit Korea so they can properly educate themselves about this country.”

Kim admitted that it was unfortunate that foreigners living in Korea had not been able to participate in the process due to problems with the online recognition of Alien Registration Numbers, and immigration rules which prevent many foreigners from undertaking non-approved work in Korea, which thinking of a slogan could be classed as. But he hoped that these problems could be resolved in time for Visit Korea Year 2013-2015. “Korea is increasingly a multicultural country and the Ministry of Culture and the Korean Immigration Service certainly want to know the views of foreigners living here when it is convenient.” he said.

“Korea, Better Than You” will begin appearing on all buses in Seoul, and in other prominent public places where foreigners are likely to see them, from 2011. The Ministry of Tourism may also for the first time consider running the Visit Korea Year adverts outside Korea.

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