Friday, September 17, 2010

Police Finally Close Down Sex Sites After Gay Solicitations

Online sex brokering sites on Daum and Naver’s ‘café’ community forums which aimed to match up younger men with older women, have finally been closed down by the National Police Agency after they noticed that some of the men had received offers “from gays”.

Officer Kim, the 57-year-old head of the Office of Sexual Affairs, explained at a press conference that while prostitution is illegal in Korea it is widely ignored by law enforcement agencies since prosecuting groups they were customers of would raise conflict of interest issues. “It is normal for older men to seek to have sexual relations with teenage girls in cyberspace, but these cafés cater to the sexual desires of older women, and that really isn’t right.” he said. He admitted that despite the rather disgusting idea of older women buying sex from teenage boys, the police had been slow to investigate these online cafés, but they had to move quickly to shut them down once it became known that ‘gays’ might be buying sex because of the dangers of their deviancy spreading.

No firm figures exist on the number of gays in Korea because until a few years ago there were no gay Koreans. However, exposure to foreigners and the mixing of weaker foreign genes with Korean DNA is believed to be corrupting Korea’s previously pure-blooded society. Some experts have also claimed that imported beef from the United States may be altering Korean DNA causing people to become perverted and possibly commit crimes.

Last year, a survey conducted by the OECD revealed that 71% of Koreans said they had paid for sex at least once in their lives, although the figures may have been skewed by the large number of men who believed that their obligation to fund their wives’ designer shopping habits constituted a form of prostitution.

Police say they intend to visit members of the online café sites to check whether any sex took place, although they admit it’s likely that sheets and clothing have been washed by now.

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